6 Rules of Thumb for Tri

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You may have heard of Occam’s Razor – also known as the principle of parsimony – that suggests that simpler explanations are more likely to be correct that those with unnecessary or improbable assumptions.

In training, and racing especially, I have often been conflicted about certain decisions I had to make. Things like:

  • Should I increase/decrease my pace?
  • Should I coast down this hill?
  • Should I stop at the aid station and get a drink?

And so I realized triathlon needed razors, too.

A razor can be defined as a quick decision-making rule of thumb that helps you shave off unlikely explanations, or avoid unnecessary actions.

Here are six triathlon razors I’ve compiled:

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Joe Friel
Mark Allen
Laura Siddall
Dr. Alex Harrison
The Tri Doc
James LeBaigue

Follow them all – they are each great sources of expert information and inspiration.

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