The Fourth Discipline

Nutrition is said to be the fourth discipline in triathlon, and for many, it’s the trickiest to understand and perfect.

But even if you’re not a nutrition expert, there are a number of tools you can use to hack your way to better fueling and hydration. Here are a few.

Nutrition Calculator

This tool allows you to optimize your water, sodium, calories, and carbs based on over 200 different popular endurance fuels, drinks, and supplements.

Use the calculator

No-BS Guide to Triathlon Nutrition

I’ve put together a video showing you how to plan your nutrition for a half or full Ironman.

I cover things like what to eat and drink the day before; what to take before the swim, on the bike, during the run; how to carry it all; when to eat and drink; how much to eat and drink, and much more.

Check out the video

Sweat Calculator

The sweat calculator helps you record and track your sweat losses over a variety of conditions.

It gives you instructions on how to measure your sodium loss so you know how much sodium to replace during different race distances and conditions.

Build currently in progress.

Nutrition App

Dr. Alex Harrison from Saturday has built an awesome app to help plan your nutrition during workouts.

Check out the Saturday app