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The No-BS Guide to Triathlon Nutrition

I Have Made Triathlon Nutrition Simple

Triathlon nutrition doesn’t have to be so complex. So many guides and so-called experts make it so hard to understand, and this is totally unnecessary.

In The no-BS Guide to Triathlon Nutrition, I guarantee you that you will be able to plan, refine, and implement an optimized nutrition plan for your half or full Ironman race.

It’s a 52-minute video that covers everything you need to know.

  • Do you want to finish your half or full Ironman without bonking?
  • Are you worried about cramps?
  • Concerned about dehydration?

I cover all of that, and more. A lot more.

Triathlete on bike in front of green field and hill

I’m Andrew, and I’ve made triathlon nutrition simple.

Aside from making all the fueling mistakes you can make, I’ve studied it and tested it year after year.

In this guide, I have synthesized the main points so anybody can understand and formulate their own half or full Ironman nutrition plan.

No gimmicks. No fads. No pseudo-science.

Just a tried, true, and honest 12-point framework.

Download the video now to learn it for yourself.

I’ve Learned the Hard Way

In my years racing, I have made all the nutrition mistakes you can make – so you don’t have to. In my first race, I bonked so badly, I told myself I’d never do another triathlon again.

I’ve experienced massive cramps, debilitating dehydration, and a serious lack of carbs.

In my first race (Putrajaya, Malaysia), I bonked due to totally insufficient nutrition.

It was terrible.

I left the race confused, demoralized, and angry with myself.

But then I studied nutrition in-depth and just 4 months later, knocked 90 minutes off my 70.3 time – largely because I understood how to optimize my fueling.

I will give you strategies on how to avoid such catastrophic situations, for example, so you don’t have to experience them yourself.

The Bottom Line

I get to the heart of the matter early with a simple but powerful framework that encapsulates the What, How, When, and How Much of nutrition, and it tells you which you need to give more attention to.

The further down you go in the chart, the more individual it becomes. I help you tailor this to your unique needs in the ‘How Much’ section.

To determine how much, we can use the IronmanHacks nutrition calculator, which has 300+ common endurance supplements, foods, and fuels in it. This is where you dial in your individual needs.

But we also need to test what you have planned – well before the race. Which brings me to PTS.

PTS: Plan, Test, Simplify

This is one of the frameworks we follow and apply.

PLANNING is the foundation, and even if you have no idea where or how to start, I give you baseline advice to begin your nutrition planning.

This includes food / supplement ideas, hydration and electrolyte suggestions, and amounts of carbs, calories, and sodium you should take on based on your size, power output, and other factors.

TESTING is where you determine if your baselines are enough or if they need to be changed. Here’s where you learn, modify, improve and experiment – well before the race.

With time and knowledge, you’ll be able to dial in the right numbers, and I’ll show you how.

SIMPLIFICATION is the idea that you already have enough things to plan, remember, do, and organize, so wherever we can make things simpler, we remove burden, cognitive load, and risk.

12 Key Topics

In addition, we’ll cover the following specifics:

  1. Eating the day before the race
  2. Breakfast plan
  3. Pre-swim plan
  4. Nutrition on the bike
  5. Run plan
  6. The role of on-course nutrition
  7. Peeing
  8. GI issues
  9. Determining your carbs, calories, sodium, and hydration quantities
  10. Testing your plan
  11. Carrying your nutrition
  12. Back-up / contingency plan in case you lose your nutrition

3 Guiding Principles

As we cover the 12 key topics mentioned above, we also keep in mind these three rules of thumb for triathlon nutrition.

1. More is better

● If you’re not sure how much to take, err on the side of more.

● If you over-fuel, it’s better to have to pee more or be bloated than to bonk.

2. Be self-sufficient

● Don’t rely on on-course nutrition or even race expo products.

● It might not be available, or it might not work for you.

● Bring all your own.

3. Eat when you can

● Eat well the night before, the morning of, before your swim, and on the bike.

● This is to make up for when you can’t eat or it’s hard to, like in the swim and on the run.

What this is Not

  • Any silver bullet
  • Pseudo-science
  • New-age junk


Andrew’s highly comprehensive break down of race-day and training nutrition is priceless.

The market has inundated us with useless information and Andrew is able to explain and simplify it.

He’s an athlete himself, so he brings true knowledge of the sport and what needs to happen to make it work.

If you want to change your mindset from just completing races to enjoying and competing in them, then I highly recommend you give this video a view.

So many questions answered.

April Rice, Challenge Roth 1st place AG female

The No-BS Guide to Triathlon Nutrition helped me understand how to fuel on race day, especially how to calculate how much of what to take in, and I learned a lot.

If you’re at all unsure about how to plan, test, and execute your nutrition plan this video will give you clarity and reassurance.

I also liked Andrew’s manner of delivery. He’s funny, insightful, and clear.

Nicely done, Andrew!

-Ben Smith, age-group triathlete, Los Angeles, CA

Andrew’s ‘No BS Guide to Nutrition’ delivers on its promise giving a comprehensive guide cutting to the essentials of nutrition for long course triathlon.

Drawing on Andrew’s wealth of personal experience in triathlon and full of interesting anecdotes, there is plenty to learn here whether you’re new to sport or not!

-Kyle Arnold, age group triathlete, Singapore

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you are not totally satisfied, I will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

Actually, I probably will ask a few questions to find out why – because I highly doubt you won’t be satisfied – but I’ll refund you unconditionally.

Note that I do not have professional nutrition qualifications and that you should seek advice from a qualified nutritionist.

Email me at should you have any questions or need any support.