Triathlon Order: Swim, Bike, Run

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Swim, bike, run.

The Triathlon Order.

That’s the typical order of the events in a triathlon.

The swim is first as it’s not a good idea to be swimming while very fatigued as you might be after cycling or running. This reduces the risk of drownings, panic attacks, or simply not fininishing the swim.

The bike, in a way, is the second most dangerous. Falling from a bike would be more likely if it were done last.

Starting the run, after the bike

The run is last, and can be relatively safely done even if you are very fatigued or tired. You won’t drown or crash while running.

And if you do collapse (it happens) any injury resulting from it will be considerably less severe that in open water or while careening at 40+ kmh down a road.

So, the order is swim, bike, run.

If you’re new to the sport, have a look at this explainer video which gives a quick intro to triathlon.

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The basics of the swim, bike, run

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