When I raced in my first world championships, in South Africa in 2018, I figured I could finish with foggy goggles no problem.

The visibility through them had been degrading for a few months, and I didn’t want to take the risk of buying a new pair that may not fit. (See tip #38, Don’t try anything new on race day).

But after rounding the halfway mark on that swim, I realized my line was suffering. I wasn’t going straight as it was hard to sight. It was way overcast and I couldn’t even rely on the sun (tip #14, In the swim, sight using the sun) for guidance.

So I opened my goggles, letting the cold ocean water in, rolled over onto my back, and quickly let the water drain out. I lost a bit of speed, but didn’t really have to stop. But I was rewarded with such clarity.

I could see the finish line and it was invigorating and energizing.

You want your view to be this clear. Photo credit: IRONMAN

Then it occurred to me that this would be a good drill to practice during swims in the comfort of my nice, warm pool, and since then have honed the skill.

So if your googles fog up, take it from me, if you can clear them, you’ll be so much happier, and likely faster.