• Triathlon Socks

    Triathlon Socks

    What are the best triathlon socks? They may seem like a trivial thing but they are critical. Get the wrong…

  • Triathlon Products I LOVE

    Triathlon Products I LOVE


    Following are products I have bought and trained and raced with extensively, most for years. If I don’t love it,…

  • Choosing a Triathlon Suit

    Choosing a Triathlon Suit

    Many beginners wonder what to wear in a triathlon. Some know that a triathlon suit is what’s worn, but what…

  • Atalanta: The Wearable Tri Lab

    Atalanta: The Wearable Tri Lab

    the Atalanta is a wearable device that measures oxygen saturation of the blood, breathing depth and rhythm, body core temperature, caloric consumption, and heart rate, and heart rate variability.