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What is IronmanHacks?

IronmanHacks is here to give you tips and tricks to a faster triathlon.

Why? Because I love to share, learn, and discuss tri.

I do this by:

  • Sharing what I know, as I learn it
  • Speaking to pros, experts, and legends of the sport and getting their take
  • Providing you with tools and resources like my tri time & pace calculator and my nutrition calculator

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Triathlon Nutrition Calculator

Nutrition Calculator

Enter your hourly nutrition needs for either your bike or run, and specify the duration of the workout. Then choose which nutrition products you would like the calculation to be from and the calculator will tell you how many servings of each product you need.
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Triathlon Pace Calculator

Swim Bike Run
Pace Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
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Top 10s and other lists
  • Top 10 Female Pro Swimmers

    If you follow triathlon at all, you likely think you know who the #1 female swimmer is. Lucy, I suspect. But when I watched the Collins Cup, I was impressed, to say the least, to see another woman stick to her heels for the entire swim (Katie Zaferes). (Related: Hear

  • Top 10 Pro Male Swimmers

    We hear a lot about the fastest overall pros or even the top cyclists and runners, but less about the top swimmers. In fact, there may be some names here you don’t recognize. Following are the top 10 male pro swimmers, as ranked by the PTO. Lukasz Wojt Sven Oliver

  • 10 Fastest Full Distance Courses

    Looking to set a personal best in a full-distance Challenge or Ironman race? Choose from these races – they’re the top 10 fastest full-distance Ironman and Challenge courses. Ironman Barcelona Ironman Tallinn Ironman Brasil Ironman Copenhagen Ironman Florida Challenge Roth Ironman Sweden Challenge Almere Ironman Austria Ironman Western Australia Source:


Science behind our sport
  • Sun + Run = Fun.

    I love training before sunrise. I could never really put my finger on why – aside from the obvious visual pleasure of seeing a brilliant orange sunrise – but why exactly is that so satisfying? Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman tells us that looking at a horizon, specifically with the sun

  • Junk or Gem?

    We’ve partnered up with the TriDoc, Jeff Sankoff, physician and host of the Tri Doc Podcast to get the skinny on the many endurance products and fads on the market.


Exclusives with Legends

Dan Empfield

The founder of Quintana Roo, inventor of the tri wetsuit and tri bike, and founder of, Dan Empfield is a huge name in the triathlon world. For such an accomplished guy, he sure is modest. He hardly takes credit for all that he’s done. Watch the interview below and

Tim Reed

2016 70.3 World Champs winner Tim Reed talks to IronmanHacks about a wide range of topics. They include: 1:34​ Most memorable race 2:44​ About Cebu, Philippines 3:05​ Tripping at the finish 3:30​ Tim Reed and Tim Van Berkel training together 4:00​ Stuck in a hotel room with Tim Van Berkel

Craig “Crowie” Alexander

Five world titles, 25+ years of podiums and counting, Kona course record holder for 6 years, and more. Crowie is legendary and is certainly one of the best triathletes of all time. When we spoke to him we found out things like: He got a late start in the sport

Hunter Allen: Power Meter Legend and Peaks Coaching Founder

I first met Hunter on a Zwift ride organized by UCAN. That specific workout had us doing some high cadence work, and I asked him about cadence. I, like many other triathletes, tend to have a fairly low cadence and Hunter gave his advice. Who better to get advice from

Getting Started in Tri

Tips for first-timers
triathletes wearing tri suits

Choosing a Triathlon Suit

Many beginners wonder what to wear in a triathlon. Some know that a triathlon suit is what’s worn, but what is a tri suit, how necessary is it, and when should it be worn? A triathlon suit is Lycra shorts that connect to a top with or without sleeves. It

Triathlon for Beginners

If you’re just getting started in triathlon, you may want to refer to some of these resources. We’ve compiled a series of topics based on common questions around getting started in triathlon, multisport, and Ironman races. Intro To Triathlon First things first. If you are a total newbie to this

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike

This can be a confusing topic for many people. What’s the difference between a triathlon bike and a road bike, and which should I buy? Here’s a quick video to explain the differences. And here’s a chart to guide you on which to buy: A few key differences: A tri

Triathlon Order: Swim, Bike, Run

Swim, bike, run. The Triathlon Order. That’s the typical order of the events in a triathlon. The swim is first as it’s not a good idea to be swimming while very fatigued as you might be after cycling or running. This reduces the risk of drownings, panic attacks, or simply

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