Custom Triathlon Training Plans

Why do I need a custom training plan?

You are an individual, so it only makes sense that your training plan is tailored to your unique needs.

Sure, you could buy a pre-written, off-the-shelf plan, but what if your training plan was:

  • Customized to your schedule
  • Tailored to your level of experience
  • Bespoke to the equipment you have or don’t have

…all at an unbeatable price?

For example, I’ll custom build a 12-week half IRONMAN plan for you for just US $79.

It will synch with your free TrainingPeaks account – and if you don’t have one, I’ll help you set that up, too.

You’ll have unlimited email access to me in case you have any questions while you train.

Email me now ( with your race goals and needs and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Can I just buy a pre-built training plan?

Sure, that’s a totally valid option.

You can browse my existing plans on TrainingPeaks.

What kind of guidance will I get with your coaching plan?

Total guidance.

As a certified coach, dedicated triathlete, and someone who just loves to help others reach their goals, I’m not just going to give you some recycled plan.

Each workout will have details to guide you and ensure you understand the intent and goals of them all, as seen from the screencap above.

I’m going to ask you a series of questions to determine exactly what you need, and then I’ll build it just for you.

For example:


-What’s your age?
-What’s your height and weight?
-Are you OK with using TrainingPeaks?
-How many hours can you afford per week, on average? Of course, the more the better, and we’ll ramp up gradually.
-Do you want a day off, and if so, which day would be best, or does it not matter?
-Are there any restrictions in your schedule like you can’t swim, bike, or run on certain days? Or you only have X number of hours on certain days?
-Can you do gym workouts?
-Do you need fueling / nutrition guidance in the plan?
-Can you show me your past triathlon race results?
-Can you tell me your general strengths and weaknesses between swim, bike, run?
-How much have you been training for the past 3-4 months? On average, how many workouts of what distances and intensities?
-When do you want to start training?


-Do you know your swimming CSS?
-Do you have easy access to a pool?
-What is the length of your pool?


-Do you know your FTP?
-Do you have a power meter?
-Do you have an indoor bike trainer?
-What bike do you have? Do you have an aero setup?
-Do you have a road bike, TT bike, or both?


-Do you know your running lactate threshold?
-Do you have 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon race results from the past year?
-Do you have a heart rate monitor?


I’m a Level 1 TrainingPeaks coach and accredited by NESTA.

I have a BA in Psychology (Beloit College) and an Executive MBA (University at Buffalo).

See my coaching profile on TrainingPeaks here.

As an athlete myself, I have participated in countless endurance races, including qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships five times.

I have a particular interest in nutrition and hot weather racing.


Within 3 months, Coach Andrew prepared me for my first triathlon.

Coming from a running background I had no idea how to start training for it.

But he guided me step by step.

From the workouts themselves, the equipment needed…to nutritional details and pacing strategy!

His passion is truly inspiring!

-Ferry Oostervink

I started working with Andrew in July 2024 without any background in triathlon. By providing a personalized training plan and frequently discussing this with me, he helped me to successfully participate in my first Olympic triathlon race by October!

I appreciate Andrew’s passion for the sport, his breadth of knowledge, his personalized approach, and his positivity.

Would highly recommend Andrew for anyone who wants to step into the world of triathlon.

-Bert Wouters

Coach Andrew’s approachability and quick responses played a crucial role in my triathlon success. Under his expert guidance, I not only reduced an impressive 35 minutes in my last race but also appreciated the personalized plans tailored to my needs.

Grateful for Coach Andrew’s commitment and highly recommend him to anyone seeking significant improvements in their triathlon performance.

-Mikhail Manuel