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Updated 7 April 2024

Following are products I have bought and trained and raced with extensively, most for years.

If I don’t love it, it’s not here.

While some are affiliate links, all are my wholehearted, honest favorites.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – especially if you disagree or don’t like anything below. We’re all different!

Click each image to buy them or learn more.


View Xtreme googles – These goggles look weird, but they give a huge field of vision. I find it hard to go back to more conventional goggles after using these. I think I’m on my fourth pair.

FORM Goggles – Before I had tried these, I was totally loyal to the View Xtremes (above). But now, for me, it’s FORM or nothing.

The fact that I can see so many metrics, right in the lens makes them pretty much indispensable to me.

Check out the prices and reviews on Amazon here.

I did a review of them here – as always unsponsored. Check it out.

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Amanzi jammers These guys have some wild designs – you’ll probably love them or hate them.

I bought two pair and immediately, my daughter stole one pair from me (they are baggy on her but she loves the design so much she doesn’t care).

I’ve been wearing the other pair since April of 2020 for almost all of my swims and they haven’t started stretching out or fading.

They won’t wear out.

Nabaji pull buoy – I don’t think you can get this in the US but if you’re elsewhere, head to Decathlon and pick one up for a few bucks.

A cheap piece of foam – I love it


Favero Assioma power meterThere’s little debate that this is one of the best power meters you can get for the money.

The duo (two-sided) is fine but frankly, unless you have some significant asymmetry or are recovering from an injury, single is all anybody ever needs.

I’ve used them for years and have had no issues.

Even Joe Friel recommends them.

Bont Riot TR tri shoes – These are really good value, and will usually last me two seasons. My pair from 2017 are trashed, and not usable outdoors, but I still use them on my indoor trainer!

I’m on my third pair.

These shoes are pretty basic but are light and comfortable – and cheap.

However, they run big – I wear a 44 or 10.5 (US) but have to buy them in 46 to get them to fit.

Garmin Edge 1030 (non-solar) – Does everything every Garmin bike computer has ever done, barring solar charging. But I heard the solar screen version affects the clarity of the display.

Besides having a huge screen and tons of features, this thing has a crazy battery life and excellent navigation abilities.

Check out the prices on the Garmin site here.

Wahoo KICKR – I’ve had this thing for years and have put crazy mileage on it and it’s been awesome. I think there are better or cheaper options out there now but I won’t be letting this go for a while.

Check prices on various sites:

Wahoo TICKR FIT – Besides the insane battery life, the comfort of this arm HRM beats any chest strap. Plus, once I had a problem charging it and they sent me a new one, no questions asked, and didn’t even ask me to return the old one.

Browse them here:

I had the Scosche Rhythym + I think it was called, which has a similar design, but it died within a few months…it was also a bit bulkier.

DeFeet socks – I fell in love with these socks when mountain biking. They seem to take years to wear out and they come in crazy colors. Love them.

For cycling, I specifically like the Aireator line. For tri, I go with the shorter lengths for faster on/off action.

2TomsSportshield Anti-Chafing Roll-On – Don’t you hate it after a 4-hour ride when you take a shower, and you feel like somebody sliced open your groin (or worse) with a razor blade then poured vinegar in it?

Apply this stuff where the sun don’t shine and you’ll evade all chafes. It will even remain after a 1.9 km swim.


Any Garmin Forerunner Not a lot of people would argue against this pick. I like the Garmin Fenix too, and have used it for years, but it’s heavier as it’s metal.

I’ve had the Garmin Forerunner 745 for a few years now, and have used and abused it on a regular basis, and it’s just like new. Here it is, on my hairy arm.

black and blue Garmin 945 multisport watch

I also bought the Garmin Fenix 3 when it first came out in about 2016, wore it for a good 5 years solid, then passed it on to my son who still wears it daily and runs / cycles with it too, and it’s perfect.

The Forerunners and Fenixes are essentially the same software-wise. It’s just the body or cases and overall heft and design that is different, in simple terms.

Although a Fenix is a bit heavier, it’s still totally fine for long races like ultramarathons and full Ironmans. I’ve done both in the Fenix, no issues. It is a bit thick though, so may not fit under a work (dress) shirt cuff perfectly.

Below is the newer 965, which has the brilliantly bright AMOLED screen, much like an Apple watch. If I were to buy one again for triathlon, this is what I’d go for.

Check out the prices:

Hoka shoes – From the first time I’ve worn Hokas I haven’t wanted to use anything else (Well, the ASICS Noosa Tris are also amazing). I’ve had a few foot and ankle injuries, and these give me the stability and comfort that I need.

I loved this model so much I bought it twice.

I’ll probably be a lifelong customer.

The Hoka Bondis, below, have been a favorite of mine since I first wore them in the Ironman Western Australia in Busselton back in 2018. I’ve owned countless pairs.

Here are a few of the things I love about Hokas:

  • They are considered a lightweight shoe despite their large appearance
  • They have superior cushioning and stability
  • They have that ‘rocker’ or ‘lever’ feel that seems to propel you forward as you run
  • They have incredible customer service – any issues, even if you bought them from a retailer, and you can return them at the point of purchase, even if they’ve been worn
  • They tend to have a good range of wide shoes which is especially suited for me. It’s also a benefit when racing in the heat, as your feet expand
  • Not a real reason, but they tend to be extremely popular with triathletes, pros and age-groupers alike

Check their prices:

Asics Noosa Tri shoes – I’ve been using these for over a year – both the Noosa Tri 13s and the Noosa Tri 14s. I’d characterize them as being very light and very fast yet still having that rocker feel that you get from Hokas.

They always seem to come in bright, flash colors – just my style for tri, and they have tri-specific features like elastic laces, minimal seams inside (for sockless use), and a loop on the back to pull them on quickly.

asics noosa tri 15 shoes

They may have a bit less stability than the Hokas, but the same general dynamics.

I use my Hokas for long, slow runs and the Noosa Tris for faster runs or races.

Check out the price of the Noosa Tri 15s from Asics here.

Check out this unsponsored, unincentivized review of the Noosa Tris.

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Purpose Zach Bitter 5-in shorts – OK, I said no affiliate links, but with this one you can get a 10% off, so use this promo code if you want any: IMHACKS10 at https://purpose.asia/

Anyway, I’ve tried plenty of running shorts, and none beat these. My criteria is they need to be lightweight, comfortable, fast-drying, and have a small pocket in the back. I have many pair that seem to fit those criteria, but these shorts are the best, in my opinion.

My 1st choice for shorts, any day

Nabaji flexible bottles and race belt – If you’re doing long runs in heat, you’ll want to carry water, and this belt is one that doesn’t move around or chafe.

I couldn’t find a link to the belt – maybe it’s discontinued – but keep an eye out for this belt at Decathlon. I have two versions – one that holds just one bottle and another that holds two. Both are great.

And the bottles are flexible, so as you drink from them, they shrink and don’t let air in. So, no water sloshing around.

Cheap and no sloshing!

Karrimor X Lite shirt – This is just about the best running shirt I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot of them. It is THE lightest weight shirt I own and it will last for years.

Lock Laces – Such a simple product but such a big help. Shoes go on and off faster and they are comfortable. Love them.

BOCO Gear running hats – I especially like the very soft nylon hats (not the baseball / trucker type) for racing. They’re light and they hold ice nicely when I’m running!

Light and dries fast.


Hammer Perpetuem – I’ve used this stuff for more than 10 years – ever since my mountain bike racing days and I can say it’s never let me down.

I’ve used it on all my half and full Ironmans and even on 12-hour mountain bike races. It’s also been great on long, self-supported runs.

Ann all-time favorite of mine

CarboPro – When you need extra carbs in your bottle but don’t want to taste it – or taste anything for that matter. It is hard to tell the difference between a bottle with CarboPro and water and a bottle of just water.

Zero flavor. So it mixes with any of your other products.

You can’t taste it. At all.

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