We all want to knock out a 2:45 marathon. But that’s not really likely for most of us. Many of us age-groupers will end up walking a bit of the run at least, even in 70.3s.

Even if I don’t need to (in a 70.3) I’ll walk a bit to bring my heart rate down, especially in sweltering, tropical races.

So where’s the best place to do it? You might as well kill two birds with one stone and walk the aid stations.

It can double-up as where you feed yourself, too. It’s always easier to grab that drink or gel while walking than while running.

For example, when I raced the 70.3 in Bintan, Indonesia, in 2018 I was feeling pretty good in the run and didn’t especially need to walk – no cramps, no heart rate problems, and I wasn’t that tired.

But if I was going to be putting ice in my hat, dousing myself with cold water, and grabbing a snack, I might as well do so comfortably, walking.

Hopefully you won’t have to walk anywhere else.

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