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Recent issues

1 Oct: 🍺Drink beer and train like an animal?

24 Sep: 😲 World Champs Moved

17 Sep:💦 Plug your energy leaks and get some sleep

10 Sep: 😕Don’t let nutrition confuse you

3 Sep: 🍕 Food: Carb types & Why I ate tempeh

27 Aug:👉 LCHF for Tri? UCAN Giveaway!

20  Aug: 💨 Rudy v Berg tells us who he’d like to race; World Champs postponements

13 Aug:😖 Tim O’D Heart Attack & Ironman Alaska

6 Aug:❓ Can I go from Scrawny to Brawny?

30 July: 😀 Let’s talk to Rudy Von Berg & Mark Allen on Weights

23 July: 💽 Tri Battle NFT & Tri History up for Grabs

16 July: 😵 Finding your Breaking Point, Transgender Athletes

9 July: 😭 4 Ironmans in 4 Days; Mark Allen & Taren on Pee

2 July: 😰 Everest & a shorter format

25 June: 🚴 I just got home from Everesting and boy am I beat.

18 June: ✅ Trick to make an unbearable run bearable

11 June: 😱 Fear Forces Focus

4 June: 😣 Enough Grit to Never Quit + Taren

28 May: 👍 Join me on a Zoom call with Mark Allen

14 May: 💪 The Dave Scott Issue

7 May: 🌞Why Sun + Run = Fun

30 Apr: 🌊 Don’t forget to swim

23 Apr: 😫 Tales of Pain, Goals vs Systems

16 Apr: 👉 13 Things Great Triathletes Don’t Do

9 Apr: 💤 Why sleep matters; Wear disposable slippers to the swim

2 Apr: 🍁 Running 32km on just syrup, and metal bike tires?

26 Mar: 😒 Check your Ego, Drink some Syrup

19 Mar: 📕 Tri Book List and More on Atreyu

12 Mar: 😬 The longest triathlon of all time; Shoes as a ‘performance commodity’?

5 Mar: ☕ Caffeine and tri; Microadventures

26 Feb: 🍷 Alcohol & Tri, Dan Empfield Interview, Talk to Dave Scott with Me

19 Feb: ✅ Tips for getting started; Dan Empfield

12 Feb: 💁 Fixed vs Growth Mindset

5 Feb: 💪 Work vs Hacks, Comfort vs Aero, Carbs vs Fat

29 Jan: 😲 North Korea has Triathletes?

22 Jan:👊 We speak to Tim Reed, 70.3 World Champ

15 Jan: 😬 Becoming an ultra endurance athlete

8 Jan: 😫 Do Hard Things

1 Jan 2021: 🎉 IronmanHacks in 2020, The War of Art, Nutrition Training

25 Dec: 🎅 Is triathlon inclusive enough & Optimism bias

18 Dec: 😵 We do stupid things.

11 Dec: 👉 He was way underestimated

4 Dec: 🙀 From mediocre cyclist to 2nd in my AG on the bike?

27 Nov: 🍗You can’t eat THAT on the bike, German Porn

20 Nov: Hello from IronmanHacks

13 Nov: Crowie Talks To Us: ‘Scientifically Proven’ Products?

6 Nov: 😬 A powerful mental technique

20 Oct: 👍 Exactly HOW to visualize your race

23 Oct: 🔥 Hunter Allen: Tri Tips from a Legend

16 Oct: 💥 A regular guy + an incredible record

9 Oct: 😫 Don’t hobble home after a race

2 Oct: 💉 Drug Cheater, Angela Naeth Interview, App Improvements

25 Sep: 💰Zwift = $1B, Pro cupcake interview, Wearable tri lab

18 Sep: 💊 Homemade Nutrition, If not Kona then Where?

11 Sep: 🙇 Want something done right? Do it yourself!

4 Sep: Waking up Sucks, Spanking, You’re not in Pain

28 Aug: 🙌 Chanting, Dave Scott’s Tips, Streaker

21 Aug: 🍪 Cookies, From Rehab to Racing, More Racism

14 Aug: Effervescent Shootout, Porn on Zwift, Xenophobic Race

7 Aug: Cheap Nutrition, More Records, Taxi Rage

31 July: Fitness Search Trends, Swim Burnout, Tri Board Game

24 July: Ignore the Pain, IM Cancellation, More Carbon Shoes?

17 July: A Cardio Pill, Tips from The Grip

10 July: Losing Motivation? New App. GU Review.

3 July: Shaving, Shoe Wars, 100km Swim

26 June: Covid Cancellation: Lubbock, Friel’s Tip, Do Hard Things

19 June: Race Predictor, Our New App, Wiggle Hacking

12 June: Swimming in Circles, Roll me One, DIY Quarantine Carbon

5 June: The Sleepy Triathlete, A 50-mi Record, Heavy Metal

29 May: Triathletes are Selfish, a 5-Star Pain Cave, & Losing 130kg

22 May: Holy Sodium, the 5-min T1, Bedroom Everesting

15 May: The Triathlete with the Tattooed Face, The Special Forces, and The 60 Year-old ‘Champion’

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Join hundreds of other triathletes - aspiring and seasoned - that subscribe to the IronmanHacks newsletter.

Tips & tricks to a faster triathlon delivered straight to your inbox.
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