We are speaking to pro triathletes, present and past, business owners, and fitness experts to find out what we all can do to have a better and faster race. And along the way, we’d like to learn a few things about what each of these very accomplished athletes and experts has done to put them at the top of their game.

Dave Scott

The 6-time Ironman World Champion, lets us in on his nutrition approach, what he’d say to Jan Froneo’s face, and of course his hacks for a better race.

Dave Scott finishing Kona

Read Dave’s interview here.

Mark Allen

“The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time”

Mark Allen

Read Mark’s interview here.

Joe Friel

Elite triathlon and cycling coach and author.

image of Joe Friel

Read Joe’s interview here.

Hunter Allen

Co-founder of TrainingPeaks, ex pro cyclist, power meter guru.

Read Hunter’s interview here.

Callum Millward

Pro Kiwi triathlete and founder of the Cupcake Cartel.

Read Callum’s interview here.

Angela Naeth

Canadian pro triathlete and founder of I Race like a Girl.

Read Angela’s interview here.

Andy Blow

Founder of Precision Hydration and former elite triathlete.

Andy Blow

Read Andy’s interview here.


Founder of Purpose, triathlon performance wear.

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