We have built a variety of calculators and tools to help you plan, predict, and perform come race day.

Nutrition Calculator

The most popular one is the nutrition calculator, which helps you decide how many servings of whatever foods and fuels you have on had you should be taking per hour, based on the numbers of carbs and sodium you require.

Play with the nutrition calculator

Tri Pace Calculator

Another is the tri pace calculator. This sums up the times from the swim, bike, run, and the two transitions. You can enter the times as absolute numbers or as paces (for the swim and run) or speed (for the bike) and get a result in minutes, hours, and seconds.

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FTP to Weight Calculator

This calculates your watts per kilogram and then gives you a quick assessment of the result.

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Running Pace Chart

Figure out paces in for common distances like 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathons. You can check paces by minutes per kilometer or minutes per mile, and see the corresponding finish times.

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Race Checklist

Need a quick way to keep track of what you need to pack for an upcoming race? Use this checklist to mark off your items and tasks.

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