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I said in a YouTube short a few months back that FORM Goggles changed my swim.

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And that was before they had come out with the HeadCoach metrics.

HeadCoach is a single score that is comprised of five skills:

  1. Head Pitch
  2. Peak Head Roll
  3. Time-to-Neutral
  4. Set Pacing
  5. Interval Pacing

They each have their own scores, too.

As you swim, the goggles will measure all of them.

After a few swims, you can then look at the individual scores of each and decide which to fix, and how.

Using the examples in the images above, you would likely want to start by improving Peak Head Roll first, as it’s the lowest score, at 48.

FORM includes quite comprehensive explanations of what each skill is, how it’s measured, and how to fix them.

You can see trends of how you have scored in that metric over various time periods – as you can see in my screencaps, I somehow improved in this metric then got worse at it.

There are also videos explaining each metric – both how FORM measures them and how to improve them.

FORM even takes things a step further by suggesting workouts specifically aimed at improving those metrics – see the last image above.

Once you’ve zoomed in on which metric you want to attack first, you can set up your goggles to display that metric in the lens as you swim.

So, you get real-time visual feedback on that metric! What more could you want?

I stole this image from FORM but they won’t care – anyway the point of it is to show what you see in the display. For Head Pitch, you see that square dont in the middle of the lens move towards the dotted line above it or below it depending on how you tilt your head.

Even a coach on the deck yelling orders at you isn’t going to be as effective!

I’ll keep using them and hopefully will be able to improve metrics across the board. Only time will tell if these goggles actually make me faster or not, but either way, my stroke and form really should improve.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not being compensated by FORM, and I bought the goggles myself.

I do have an Amazon link for you to buy them if you want, and I may make a few cents in affiliate commission, but you know the drill, it won’t cost you anything extra, and this helps keep the site alive so I can keep bringing you more review, interviews, and info!

Thanks for reading.

Check out the FORM prices on Amazon here:

Separately, I’ve done a review on the FORM goggles on YouTube – check it out below.

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