3 Hacks From 6x World Champ Dave Scott

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We’ve interviewed 6x Ironman World Champion Dave Scott a few times, and here are a few tips he has given us.

Aside from hearing about how he raced the school bus on his 3-speed bike as a kid, how he ate 8.5lbs (3.9kg) of ice cream in one sitting, and that as a child he had a “deranged psyche” we find out his main Ironman hacks.

Three of Dave’s hacks are:

  1. Have a mental roadmap of the race – false flats, windy sections, swim turns, landmarks.
  2. Always have a physical inventory of what your body is doing at all times. Relax parts of your body systematically to create calmness.
  3. Don’t overthink niggling problems, and keep your mind in the moment; stay present.

You can read a full interview he did with us here.

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