I Discovered the Best Running Shoes

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Here are some of the best running shoes for triathlon, marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and training.

For years, I’ve loved Hoka One Ones. The first time I saw them, I didn’t think they looked very attractive – they were big, funny-looking, and probably heavy.

best running shoes, hoka one one
Pretty much all my race photos show my in Hoka One One shoes

But once I tried them out, I realized how different they were. Somehow, they just feel lighter and softer. The way they’re built lessens the impact to your body and legs and to me, this just feels better.

In fact, I love Hokas so much that I don’t wear much else.

Recently, in a shoe shop, the salesman, who is a competitive runner, told me that they’re considered lightweight shoes, despite their size. They’re generally lighter than 300g, he said.

Once, a pair of Hokas I bought didn’t fit quite right – not sure what was wrong with them – but I emailed Hoka and they told me to take them back into the store and get a refund. I was kind of surprised, but sure enough, the shop honored it.

So, it means a lot that Hoka stands by their product, no questions asked. Even outside the US.

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